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    Chiang Technology Co., internal communication
    1, prohibits the use of any ID because it involves both Kyung show name , nickname, nickname caused by ambiguity and indecent insulting meaning ID keynote posts , streaking post deleted directly .
    2 , prohibits the publication of any discussion of state secrets , reactionary , inflammatory , politically sensitive content violated the law topic posts .
    3 , prohibits the publication of all forms of advertising types of transactions is prohibited without permission to open the voting stickers.
    4 , prohibit posting EXO portfolio and discuss any artist in the portfolio than 12 members and any fan base .
    5 prohibit all posts related discussions involving members of EXO combination of various types , such as comparing their fan base .
    6 , prohibit posting discussions involving all Kyung show as well as any combination of private and unofficial actions of the other members and their relatives , prohibit the spread of false rumors and unconfirmed reports , the banning extremist comments posted it cause disorder .
    7 may not be reproduced in any unauthorized graphics, video , etc., indicate the source reproduced strictly prohibit all forms of two change behavior , do not send pm Seeing this behavior directly delete posts . Please respect the work of others, declined hotlinking。
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